FREEDOM FRAG GRENADE BOTTLE OPENER by BOTTLE BREACHERBottle Breacher has truthfully claimed for several years to be home of the most Bad Ass bottle openers on the market.  They have out done themselves again in creating the Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher. They guarantee this frag grenade bottle opener will open all of your bottles and have your friends asking if they can try it and then where they can buy one.  Made in the USA - Steel Casting with a Sheet Metal Spoon; uniquely different not perfectly symmetrical- Noticeable imperfections, dents, divots and elevated ridges- Available in 3 colors: Desert Tan, Chrome Powder and R.E.D. (remember everyone deployed)- Do NOT take this into the airport *Please note, the Chrome is Chrome powder coating versus a decorative Chrome like the Bottle Breachers

Freedom Frag