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Be your own kind of beautiful.   You are more beautiful than you’ll ever know! No one is you and that is your power. It sets you apart and makes you amazing. Don’t ever let anyone or anything take it away. Be the dreamer that becomes the doer. Be the one who raises eyebrows, starts styles, and changes the system. Be the one who doesn’t just follow the path less traveled but forges it. The one who applies themselves, and inspire others. The one who turn problems into possibilities and adversity into opportunities. Color outside the lines, jump outside the box, and bend the rules. Be you, trust yourself, and believe in yourself. You will do amazing things in your life because you are your own kind of beautiful.    18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass 6.5" letter shaped cuff with approximately 1" opening Adjustable, one size fits most Engraved with Stella Valle logo Includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece    Stella Valle bracelets were designed for one size to fit most - about 95% of women. They are made of an exclusive brass metal alloy that allows them to be flexible and adjustable. Follow the instructions included on the Care Card in the packaging to put on put on your bracelets.


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