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Details Prosperous black onyx beads Gold bullet shell casing demonstrates strength and toughness Strong, enduring stretch elastic for easy wear A portion of proceeds donated to help veterans Why choose black onyx? Black onyx is a powerful gemstone for protection that can prevent the mind and body from succumbing to negative electromagnetic energy. Onyx bead bracelets help to soak up and convert stress, anger, and other forms of harmful energy into positive fuel, which gives you that extra boost of inspiration you need to conquer the day. These black onyx bracelets for men and women also help reverse melancholy, the release of pessimistic thoughts and depression, and keeps your fears at bay, leaving you in a state of harmony, balance, and stability. Regain your inner strength and balance with this black onyx healing bracelet from Brass & Unity! Black onyx warrior bracelet 8mm diameter black onyx beads 7.62 bullet shell casing 1mm army strong stretch elastic

Warrior - Onyx

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