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Our Vendor Partners


A Veteran-owned, Veteran-operated, Veteran-made company driven by two distinct ideas. First, that our combat veterans deserve opportunity. Second, the belief that Made in America still matters. The Founder served here at Hurlburt Field with the Founder of Beyond 214.

Repurposed For A Purpose. This unique veteran owned company has the steadfast mission of empowering veterans through employment and reducing waste through the use of military surplus in their products. They also give back a portion of every purchase to veteran causes.


Lacie Marsh-Carroll is the spouse of a Navy veteran, Navy mom, and the founder of Malicious Women Candle Co. These candles are 100% soy, all natural, and have names that are, well, pretty damn blunt...and really funny!

The Founder served in the Canadian Forces, including a tour in Afghanistan during the summer of 2009. After fighting on the front lines (Infantry & Artillery), she was diagnosed with severe PTSD and forced to return home. Always wanting a way to give back to Veterans less fortunate, B&U combined the art therapy of creation, with support for other Veterans around the world.


West Point (USMA) graduates, sisters, and Army veterans created this unique line of 'modern charms' that allows you to tell the world who you are and what inspires you!

Unique Pl8z is on a mission to empower and encourage U.S. Veterans and Military spouses through employment.  Unique Pl8z is proud to create art and home accessories that is as unique as the veterans that have made them. All wood is cut, sanded and branded by hand. Each sign is then painted, distressed and assembled by hand.


Aaron Hale was robbed of his vision by an IED while working as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal military team leader, but refused to accept defeat. Aaron is a local veteran who has found a new passion creating amazing fudge and chocolate.
Shipping depends on time of year.  

As special operations combat veterans, they “defended our freedom,” and discovered the wars went against everything they hoped for. Through understanding and compassion, they found a new path forward--a mechanism of change...
Available In Store Only


Women Investing In Women: A 'fair trade' social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and girls, by selling trendy fair trade products made by over 8,000 talented, yet marginalized, women in 16 countries.

 Designed by an active duty Army Green Beret allows you to make fresh coffee or espresso anywhere you are. With all the components safely in a military ammo can, you are free to take your coffee habit on the road!
​Available In Store Only


They restore hope to exploited women in Asia by providing life-changing opportunities through social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry and become managers,  designers, and more. They provide vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and education grants for women and their children.

Their mission is to empower people escaping human trafficking. By providing meaningful employment through Purpose Jewelry, girls are able to support themselves and obtain job training and experience. Through a wide range of holistic care services young women can begin to heal and grow in mind, body, and soul. me accessories that is as unique as the veterans that have made them. All wood is cut, sanded and branded by hand. Each sign is then painted, distressed and assembled by hand.


A father and son team whose mission is to create unique glassware designs.  Pride is taken in everything they manufacture with their own design and made in the USA.  Every position they have is vital and they hire and support veterans.  

Produce the highest quality American-made, all-natural hot sauce possible, using the very best ingredients and process, and borrowing tactics from the bourbon and wine industries.   Simply put, the world does not need another average hot sauce.  It just doesn't.

Support the American farmer by growing all our peppers in the U.S.  

Serve the greater good by creating jobs for veterans, and by donating a meaningful percentage of our profits back to organizations that support our troops, veterans, and their families

Build an honorable company that we can all be proud of, and have as much fun as humanly possible as we do it 

Generals Hot Sauce.png

Former Navy SEAL, Eli Crane, and his wife Jen brought to Shark Tank their sole product of the recycled, .50 caliber Bottle Breacher. After securing two great investors, they have grown rapidly, hired numerous veterans and last year alone donated to over 200 non-profits.

Only veterans could make a game that is this spot on to military speak and, just like us active duty & vets, has a completely warped and sick sense of humor! It can be played alone or as an add on to Cards Against Humanity. If you are easily offended, this is NOT the game for you!

Disgruntled Decks.jpeg

Made with recycled materials, every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. 4ocean has removed 4,183,296 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. They currently operates out of multiple countries and employ over 150 people worldwide. Available In Store Only

Made by a husband (Army) and wife (Air Force) team in North Carolina, these are the perfect accessory for all pet owners who are tired of carrying a hot bag of turds for the remainder of your walk. Just clip in on your dog and let them do the 'heavy' lifting! Plastic bag dispenser is built in the bottom for convince. 


Each Junior’s Bullet Pen is handcrafted by Gold Star Father, Major (Retired) Jeff Falkel, PhD.  from once-fired military brass in honor of his son SSG Chris Falkel, US Army Special Forces, K.I.A. in Afghanistan and the rest of our service men and women.

As a former Navy SEAL, the founder wanted a sunscreen that would both be the ultimate protection for his young family & be safe for them to wear. When he couldn't find this combo in the existing market, he teamed up with one of the world's top sunscreen experts to create a product that provides safe, complete protection, and doesn't damage our marine habitats.
Available In Store Only


Veteran owned. Veteran operated. Their mission is to provide culinary customers with superior spice blends, while remaining dedicated to supporting those who defend our country's founding principles, our communities, and the American way of life.

Veteran owned & operated by a bunch of former Screaming Eagles (101st Airborne) and Huskers (Nebraskans)- they bring the highest quality, hand rolled, cigars. Each one is blended by this team and master cigar blender, David Blanco, and made to the highest standards in Esteli, Nicaragua. You are going to love these sticks!


The Blanco Family has a deep history in premium cigars and the US military. Both master cigar blenders, Cesar is a 27 year US Army veteran and David is still serving in the Army Reserves.  Today their award winning cigars are rolled in famed "Cathedral" in Esteli, Nicaragua.

After serving five years in the Michigan Air National Guard and another five in the Army the founder, Mark, was able to pursue his passion for food. With six outstanding hot sauce flavors, and more on the way, there is one for every food and every taste!


Smitty's Beard Sauce is veteran owned and operated out of Tennessee. This ain't your thick n chunky, hurry up n wait sauce. This is your pour dip n eat, then lick it off your plate with your face sauce. It's OK if it gets in your beard! Hell then you'll have some for later.

A military spouse who used her creativity in the face of adversity.  Abby Maddy is classy, charming & sophisticated.  Created with style and simplicity in mind, each item is designed and sewn by hand.   Nickel hardware and suede touches lend sophistication to handmade and their signature label tells their story time and time again.


Veteran Owned apparel company to help you show your true American colors.  Their comfortable snapback style with flag designs are a definite conversation starter.

Created by an incredible Navy spouse, is here to help you get back to being inspired by and reminded of what’s most important in your life. Best of all, each piece of jewelry holds a special meaning that will serve as your everyday reminder you can wear around your wrist with pride.

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